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Noise Continues to Grow in IT Environments

Too much noise?

Grok reduces alarms and incidents.

  • True AI - No rules required

  • No CMDB required

  • Just Works

So at Grok, we took a fundamentally different approach to this and we developed a system that does not rely on any rules or any definitions to be managed and rather we used the whole concept of the brain and how it learns to build models that will self learn and self update on its own.

Correlate and cluster events with real-time machine learning models, allowing users to reduce noise and focus on critical issues.

Through the last several decades, organizations have deployed a significant amount of monitoring tools and instrumentation in hopes of providing operations teams with greater insight into problems occurring in their environment. However, with the massive volume of events and the velocity at which they grow, this additional information is evolving into additional noise. This makes locating issues much more difficult and adds operational risk to the teams trying to quickly resolve the underlying problems.

Grok AIOps Reduces Noise

Organizations do not have many options today to sort through their environmental noise. Turning off the monitoring system results in a loss of visibility; and most organizations do not have the budget to continuously add more resources dedicated to sifting through the data. Grok AIOps noise reduction and event clustering techniques will help users reach a proactive position regarding issue resolution instead of reacting to endless emergencies and constantly fighting fires. By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, Grok's solution intelligently correlates and groups similar events in real-time, effectively filtering out non-critical disturbances and providing a clearer picture of the underlying issues at hand. This innovative approach not only streamlines operational efficiency but also empowers organizations to allocate resources more effectively, focusing on addressing genuine threats and anomalies rather than drowning in a sea of inconsequential alerts. As a result, teams can make well-informed decisions, prevent potential downtime, and enhance overall system reliability, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and sustained business growth.

The Grok AIOps Solution Gets you Past Reactive & into Proactive Management


Too Reactive - Grok drives proactivity?

  • You can’t be proactive if you suppress over 95% of the signal.

  • You can’t be proactive if you have built rules to auto-ticket on critical alarms.

When we deploy the Grok AIOps solution, our clients see significant reductions in incident ticket volumes because Grok is able to identify incident signatures early in their lifecycle and prevents them from occurring.

After Grok implementation, our customers were able to realize the power of proactive management in both hours and capital expenditures.

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